About Us

Over the past seven years, the Bartlett Fire Protection District has been working alongside the Pink Heals Tour to raise money for people within the community.  In 2013, Bartlett Fire Protection District hosted its first annual Pink Heals Fest.  The fest has turned into an annual tradition that has grown steadily over the years.

This year, Bartlett Firefighters have built upon that success with the creation of our own charity, Ignite the Courage.  Ignite the Courage is an Illinois not-for-profit, 501(c)3 charity organization. 

Ignite the Courage was created by Bartlett firefighters to provide resources and inspiration for our neighbors within the community.  We do not focus on one disease but rather any disease, ailment or significant tragedy that an individual or family may face throughout their lives.  We understand that these struggles weigh heavy on the people that endure them.  We want to be there to help encourage everyone to keep fighting, don’t lose hope and never give up.

Ignite the Courage does not personally seek out and find candidates to distribute funds to.  We have partnered with local area hospitals to help us find the most deserving candidates.  These local area hospitals develop relationships with patients and know firsthand who is in the most need of assistance.  In some cases, it may be difficult for these hospitals to sift through their database of patients and find people that need help.  If someone you know is need of assistance, please contact us here