Fire Training

September 22, 2023

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

$100 per person (lunch included)

The Oak Room at the Bartlett Community Center

700 S. Bartlett Rd, Bartlett, IL 60103

Presented by:

Bartlett Professional Firefighters Local 3982

Ignite the Courage


The scope of this class is to examine skill acquisition models from both a technical aspect as well as a cultural aspect. We will create a systematic and professional approach to skill acquisition on the individual, company, multi-company, and departmental levels. The point is to break down technical aspects of skills into very simple and usable models that can be put to use quickly. One of the major problems in the American fire service lies not in the skill, knowledge or experience of our members but in the ability to transmit that information on an individual and departmental level. In this conversation, we will do a quick examination of the physiology and psychology of skills, specifically skills performed in high-stress environments with limited perception and diminishing fine motor skills. Along with the technical aspects we will examine the common cultural truths and inaccuracies within the fire service in regards to drilling, skill acquisition, and education as a whole. We don’t want to teach people what they can do on the drill field, but what they should do on the fire ground.